The 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes hit 30 out of 33 geosites. (As of May 2016) Since then, with your huge efforts and warm encouragement, many geosites has become accessible. Please see the following list.

Regarding the Nakadake eruption on 8 October, entry to the area about 2km from the Nakadake crater is of-limits due to volcanic warning level 3

Please check updates from following links before you travel.
Aso Nakadake Crater Information:
Trekking Regulation Map:
Up to Kusasenri-ga-hama and Aso Volcano Museum are accessible. Take a road 111 (East Mountain road) from JR Aso station. (One way drive regulation; road opening between 7:30am and 6pm) Alternatively you can take a public bus; Aso Crater Line :

To visit Daikanbo Caldera Geosite, take Daikanbo Liner for public transport users :
Aso Geopark Tour is available for the accessible sites.

To join or any enquiry, check Aso Geopark Guides Association official website.

Condition of geosites and road may change due to climatic changes. Please checks updated information and explore Aso UNESCO Geopark!
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As of 1 December 2016

No Name of Geosite Points Condition Access
1 Daikanbo Caldera Geosite Aso Caldera
Akahoya Ash Layer
2 Nakadake Geosite Nakadake Crater Under survey ×
Sunasenri-ga-hama Under survey ×
3 Kusasenri Geosite Kusasenri-ga-hama Shallow landslide, trekking routes under survey
Aso Volcano Museum Building Construction Under Surbey.
Partially reopen from 1 November
Kusasenri-ga-hama Lookout Landslide, road cracks ×
Mt.Eboshidake Landslide, trekking route under survey ×
4 Komezuka Geosite Komezuka Cracks on crater rim and mountain slop, deflection ×
Kami-Komezuka Landslide, buried signboards ×
5 Furubochu Geosite Furuboshu Asosan Hondo Saigandenji Temple Okunoin: fallen roof, reclined building ×
6 Sensuikyo Gorge Geosite Sennsuikyo Gorge Road cracks, failure and landslide ×
Mt. Takadake Landslide ×
7 Mt.KijimadakeGeosite Mt. Kijimadake Landslide, cracks on slope ×
Mt. Ojodake Landslide ×
8 Fumotobochu Geosite Saigandenji Temple Saigandenji Temple; fallen roof and collapse of ranterns
Aso Den'en Kukan Eco Museum
9 Mt.Ogidake Geosite Mt. Ogidake Some gaps between stone wall at Ogi shrine
10 Koganotaki Fall Geosite Koganotaki Fall landslide and rock fall
11 The Deity of the Volcano Geosite Aso Shrine Collapse of a two-storey gate and a worship hall, severe damaged to three shrines
Kokuzo Shrine collapse of Toriigate and lantern(Repaired).
Nakadori Burial Mounds Roack fall
Kami-no-okura and Shimo-no-okura Burial Mounds Under survey
Shimo Shrine Collapse of Torii gateand lantern.
12 Cluster of Springs in Aso Valley District Geosite Miyaji and Yakuinbaru Destrict Springs Some springs dried up
13 Futaenotouge Mountain Pass Geosite Futae-no-touge Mountain Pass Roack fall and road cracks
Sankin-kotai Road About 5cm gap between stone pass
Matoishi Ocyaya (Reamin of Tea room and Garden Pond) Collapse of Torii gate, Ochaya tea room and enshrinement hall
Matosihi Rock 
14 Aso Yellow Soil Geosite Aso Yellow Soil (Ocher)
15 Uchinomaki Hot Spring Geosite Uchinomaki hot spring Some Onsen (hot spring)dried out
16 Milk Road Grassland Geosite Grassland scenery Landslide
17 Oshito-ishi Geosite Oshitoishi Hill
18 North Outer Rim Pyroclastic Flow Geosite Nabegataki Fall
Yusuikyo Gorge
Nanataki Fall Landslide and rock fall ×
Aso Pyroclastic Flow Deposits (Yamanami Highway)
19 Oguni-go Area Hot Spring Geosite Minamioguni Onsen Village
20 Ikeyama and Yamabuki Geosite Ikeyama Spring
Yamabuki Spring
21 The Sankin-kotai Road Geosite Sankin-kotai Road Sakai-no- Matsuzaka stone pass is suspended due to rock fall
22 Kusakabe Geosite Kusakabe-yoshimi Shrine
23 Camel ountain
(Rakuda-yama) Geosite
Camel Mountain,Minamiaso Visitor Centre, Aso Wild Flower Garden,Aso Folk School,Mt. Nekodake Landslide and rock fall at Mt. Nekodake Apart from Mt.Nekodake are accessible.
24 Cluster of Springs in Minamiaso District Geosite Minamiaso Village Spring Group,Takamori Spring Tunnel Shioisya spring : spring dried out. Enshrinement hall collapsed. Shirakawa and terasaka spring : Collapsed torii gate, lantern and enshrinement hall
25 Jigoku and Tarutama Hot Springs Geosite Ikenokubo,Jigoku and Tarutama Onsen Massive landslide, suspended water supply. Collapsed Kinryu-no-taki fall. ×
26 Nango Valley Geosite Terraced Topography in Nangodani Valley Under Research
27 Mt. Rakanyama Geosite Mt. Rakanyama strange spectacle,Zizo-toge pass dike swarm Rock fall near stone buddha
28 Tawarayama Mountain Pass Caldera Geosite Aso Caldera, Tawarayama Lookout Landslide on the way to the lookout ×
29 Tateno Gorge Geosite Tateno Gorge,Ayugaeri-no-taki Fall,Sugaru-ga-taki Fall Tateno Gorge:Huge collaption of columner joints / Kitamukiyama native forets: landslide/Ayugaeri-no-taki Fall:Landslide/Sugaru-ga-taki Fall :Lanslide ×
30 Shiraito-no-taki Fall Geosite Shiraito-no-taki Fall Lanslide ×
31 Omine Volcano Geosite Omine Volcano, Takayubaru lava plateau Under survey ×
32 Soyokyo Gorge Geosite Soyokyo Gorge Some part of trekking route is supended due to lanslide
33 Heitate Shrine Geosite Heitate Shrine Under survey